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Scholarships: A reward or charity?

Posted by dobee5 on June 21, 2009

Firstly, while speaking of scholarships, I have to say thank you to my beloved nation for sponsoring my studies for the past 6 years. Our country has really proven to be a nation which cares about the education of it’s children with all the public school subsidy and higher educational opportunities available. Even in developed countries, you don’t see the government giving out such generosity, for example in the USA most scholarships given out are for sports! In this aspect, we may be regarded one of the best!

However, since the day I was offered the chance to further my studies in Russia, for the medical course, I have never been certain of how these scholarships have been awarded. They claim it to be based on merit, but seeing the people awarded the same benefits as me, surely they were given to the wrong people? No? Or I wondered, that maybe this was my level, NO WAY! (I choose not to stoop to your standards but to set my own)

Then, I ponder, who the heck is it that they send to the UK to study medicine? Are they really that special? Here, I’m only talking about those under the government funds, and not those under related-agencies. I have long and hard thought about why their profiles were never published to the public. I would have certainly wanted to get to know these brilliant minds, and perhaps try to emulate them. Sarcasm (I have met some of these people, and oh what a pity!)

Well, time flies, and I’ve been in this magnificent country with questionable 5 years of medical training under my belt. The scholarship did wonders for me in terms of character building, mastering of a new language, finding a future spouse(?) But, I have gotten nowhere close to becoming the legendary professional I desired to become. Since my dream of studying in Ox-Bridge was murdered by the lack of opportunity and support I have completely deviated from the original goal, and as I’ve noticed so have many of my friends here.

“All of your scholarship, all your study of Shakespeare and Wordsworth would be vain if at the same time you did not build your character and attain mastery over your thoughts and your actions” – Mahatma Gandhi

So I ask, are govt. scholarships a Reward to top performers in the national exams or is it a form of Charity for those who can’t afford to further their studies?

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Hypocrisy, Race and Politics

Posted by dobee5 on June 21, 2009

I’ve been reserved all my life about politics anywhere around the world, but lately this issue is really ticking me off. Particularly in the homeland to begin with.

I believe hypocrisy is one of the worst features in any leader. If you want to lead, you must be consistent, fair and wise. Now, while race relations in the United States seem to be currently on the ascending, I must say it’s on the decline in Malaysia.

Why? Because of Politics that’s WHY. Read the Federal Constitution, understand it, and all this may be avoided.

“Leaders” love to use race for political leverage. But they aren’t consistent. Today, I read the news, and one of our brilliant leaders states that he nor his party shall be involved in talks pertaining a certain race’s rights but only the rights of all Malaysians. Commendable statement, I must say. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that this outstanding quote was taken during a press conference after launching the first joint Sports Day of five private secondary Chinese schools.

I won’t even bold the key-word from that paragraph, but does that man of a certain race really not favor a particular race? This is just one of many, of a huge a growing breed back home.

I say do away with separation via schools. To those hypocrites, why you are regarded “leaders” – I will never understand.

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Get me outta this SLOW MOTION!

Posted by dobee5 on May 16, 2009

My point of view to people who work slowly: ineffective.

But, wait. What if you’re slow but careful, precise, hence freeing you from needing to double-check? Really? There is no such thing as doing something slowly, and not needin’ to proof read. C’mon, when you’re slow, you’re wasting your time and mine!

“Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

With that quote above, I forgive all the slow-pokes I’ve worked with all my life. Just keep trying, and InsyaAllah there will be relief.

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Sincerity? I think not.

Posted by dobee5 on November 17, 2008

Today, I’ve come to realize that there’s no such thing as TRUE sincerity. A simple definition of “Sincerity” from what I’ve learned throughout my life – the act of doing something without expecting/hoping for something in return. Sincerely speaking, there is NO SUCH THING as someone doing something without expecting anything in return! I say this as a fact.

Easily, most favors are done to get something concrete in return (I help you, you help me). However, there are better cases such as some who do nice things with the slightest hope that there will be the warm feeling of a “thank you”. Others may even do it for the hope that they will be seen as a kind and giving person, along with all the praises, sort of like a hypocrite. The best will do it sincerely for the blessing of Allah, though this breed is hard to find, they still expect something in return and I choose not to elaborate. 😉

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Master-mind in the making

Posted by dobee5 on November 13, 2008

Recently, I have been the ultimate master-mind! I have been known for giving out advice here and there as well as some good ideas in the past, but those were MY ideas and I was subsequently accredited for it. Now, I’ve stepped it up a level – Master-mind!

I was chatting the other day with my friend Sriram, the shop-keeper who runs a mini-mart in our hostel. He was in slight distress due to poor sales in recent times. This is because the lifts in our 15-floor compound don’t work! OK, 1 of the 3 works at most, and this 1 is ON only when you’re lucky! The lift problem is a headache for us as much as it is a migraine for the poor (yet smart) businessman downstairs. So I came up with a suggestion that Sriram provides delivery service for the students with appropriate service fees added on after a minimum purchase of so and so. Well, the guy took it on and said he would convey it to one of his friends to help him with the service. Touche, the service is up and running. Thanks to me… the REAL mind behind the scenes!

Next, we have the lame menu of our Diwali Open House for RMSA. The menu was set by one of my bureau heads with his head chef – both were indians, so they should have known better than me. However, the feedback online from some students suggested the menu wasn’t attractive enough to pay the HUGE SUM of 50 roubles (equivalent to 2 USD) for a WHOLE meal. So being in a position of authority, I called up the guys in charge to solve the matter. I suggested that since frying tandoori chicken is a piece of cake, we add that for a more comprehensive line-up. This “misai” then rebutes as he always does, saying that fried chicken tandoori is not as nice as the grilled one. I said, yeah sure, but this is something we can do easily. Touche, once again, the next day, I see the menu is updated with chicken tandoori on the menu… Again, it was all me! Damn, I do rock!

Master of the many minds it may seem, but I will eventually end up as the ultimate fool

“He who thinks himself wise, O heavens! is a great fool” – Voltaire

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Grab the Damn Pole!

Posted by dobee5 on November 13, 2008

When I say POLE, I don’t mean someone of the Polish nationality. I mean the poles a.k.a. railings located inside the many public transportations in Moscow: metropolitan subways, buses, trolley-buses, trams. It must be taught to the passengers, the laws of the pole, because as a matter of fact, not all of them know/apply this simple rule.

We are all aware that public transportation, is the cheapest means of transport in any BIG CITY (sheep…) such as our beloved Moskva, thus, they will consistently, I mean ALWAYS be over-congested.

Riding in an over-capacity public transport is by no means a joy – body odor being one of the common issues. But, one thing annoys me more than others: the swaying commuter… This breed is clearly the worst kind of commuter around, they ride the packed bus/metro, and choose to LEAN onto other passengers as a form of support!

OK, I understand that I am tall, dark, and stable… but I am not a POLE, not by nationality, not by composition. However, I have become the victim of continuous assaults by these human pole-seekers. One day, I shall seek a vengeance…

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Bye-bye Sheep…

Posted by dobee5 on November 12, 2008

Today, Zahira had to bid farewell to the sheep of her dreams, the sheep who would slowly trot by us every morning as we wait patiently for our turn to board the mashrut. Oh, how cute this little sheep was, proudly cared after by one of Moscow’s classic babushkas…

Today, our last day at Hospital №55 for this semester… She just wanted to say bye (or kidnap the poor fella, I’m not too sure). Either way, it wasn’t meant to be, despite the longest ever line to board a very frequent mashrut line, the cute-brown-fluffy little guy never showed up… Farewell, wherever you are~

Oh yeah, just for the records, this “sheep” we’re talking about is actually a cute lil’ brown poodle, so let this be yet another one of those days that Zahira said she wanted a DOG.

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Tequila Sunrise

Posted by dobee5 on November 9, 2008

Currently, my favorite song. Best version, is the video below performed by the original Eagles in a concert way back in 1973. I can’t seem to explain why this song gets to me, especially since I’ll never drink. But I feel that my life swerves around this kinda mode, a tequila sunrise.

Continue for lyrics:

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